Dolphins go 2-0 on the road before heading home

Dolphins first 2-0 start to a season in four seasons. Can they make it 3?

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

The Dolphins just got done racking up 536 yards in their first game and first road win of the season against the Chargers. The script was flipped when playing the New England Patriots in week two. The Phins only average 6.6 yards per play when battling Belicheck’s defense, but they won and are now headed back home to the sunshine state.

Bill Belicheck did what he does best in the sense that he develops defensive schemes that attack the strength(s) of their opponents. Too bad it wasn't enough. Tyreek Hill did not manage to rack up another 200+ yards in this bout but almost every time he caught the ball it was a very essential play and, per the usual, added a few clips to the highlight reel.

Tyreek put up 40 yards and a TD which left some room for Waddle to speed his way through 86 yards. Even though it seemed like things were slowed down in the air, there were 6 players that received for more than 20 yards. Tua did a good job of moving the ball around when they weren’t, finally, getting a run game going,

Mostert got 121 yards rushing on his own. Wish I could have seen more from Achane so far, he only had 9 combined yards against the Pats, but he did what he was asked to do when he was asked to do it with limited carries and passes. He will probably be slid into more drives as he matures with the team. I think he will be fun to watch. If Miami continues to develop, as they have so far, they will be a very well-balanced team.

Looking to next week, they face the Broncos at home in the heat of the day where it's forecasted to be close to 90 degrees and possibly raining off and on to add to the humidity. It is forecasted to be around 75 in Denver, just to add perspective, so that may factor in a bit after coming off a loss against the Commanders after blowing a lead.

Can they keep up the streak? Can they squeak by in the tough games and make it through the regular season undefeated? There are some tough battles ahead so only time will tell.