Dolphins legend Larry Csonka explodes for 'undefeated negativity' from media

Larry Csonka finally had enough and he didn't mince his words.
Super Bowl VII - Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins
Super Bowl VII - Washington Redskins v Miami Dolphins / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Larry Csonka has had enough with the media narrative on the Miami Dolphins perfect season. So much so that he finally let it all out and you know what, it was glorious. You think he's going to keep putting up with nonsense? No chance.

No team before or after the 1972 Miami Dolphins has been perfect. Not even the media darling Bill Belichick/Tom Brady-led Patriots. Oh, sorry, but an undefeated regular season only gets you a house outside the gates of Perfectville.

For decades, the mainstream media has made that team out to be a bunch of old-codgers hellbent on popping champagne when the last undefeated team goes down. The talking heads at ESPN and NFL Network, and the other media members that find this action annoying, still won't actually acknowledge that the 1972 Dolphins never held a champagne party when the last team was beaten. It was a media quip. It was a media-made event that never happened until long after when the team finally said, "Might as well do what they say we are doing."

Make no mistake, these guys are proud - beyond proud of what they accomplished. During the 50th Anniversary celebration I got to meet most of the surviving members of the team. I walked with them, talked with them about their lives and their families. I laughed with them and then, thanks to a great friend of mine, I ate dinner with them at the 50th Anniversary Gala. I watched their story be told in front of them. I saw the pride in their voices and the smiles on their faces.

The "Perfect Season" means a lot to them. It is not something they relish by others failing; it is something they relish because they accomplished it. They defend it not because they did it, but because they did, as Csonka says in the video below, together, as a team:

Csonka is allowed to lose his cool whenever he pleases. Only those members of the team, the coaching staff, and their families know what the Dolphins endured during that campaign and the goal they had in front of them.

It was a goal that was one week at a time, and a goal that was achieved by every person on that team stepping up and doing one simple thing: putting their own dreams aside for the better good of the entire franchise. This squad will never be forgotten and Csonka is done hearing all of the dis