Dolphins loss to K.C.,without question, rests on Mike McDaniel and the offense

The Miami Dolphins, make no mistake, lost because their offense can't do the simplest of tasks.
Nov 3, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; A banner with Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs logos at
Nov 3, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; A banner with Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs logos at / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have opened the door for the Buffalo Bills to climb back into the top spot in the AFC East because their offense couldn't score points.

No Miami Dolphins fan should be happy about today's loss. No one. Miami let the Chiefs get a 21-0 lead at the half and then climbed back to within one score but make no mistake, Miami's offense was atrocious today.

Let's talk first about the good news from today. Miami's defense was incredibly good holding the Chiefs scoreless in the 2nd half. They held the Chiefs offense to 14 points total on the day and Travis Kelce was a non-factor.

Vic Fangio's defense adjusted and the Miami Dolphins offense did not.

Miami finally got on the scoreboard midway through the 3rd quarter and followed that up with a short-field TD after Miami's defense created a turnover.

The Dolphins found a way to claw back in but Mike McDaniel needs to stop relying on guys like Salvon Ahmed when the game is turning critical. Ahmed has not been a good runner this year and when Miami needed him to make a couple of positive plays, he took a loss instead.

Miami managed to fail on their 2nd to last drive but the Dolphins' defense once again stepped up and the Dolphins offense drove to the KC 30 before falling apart like they had most of the week.

Want to know how bad Miami's offense was on Sunday in Germany? You only need to watch their final offensive play. A botched snap on 4th and 10 with the game on the line. Tua recovered the fumbled snap but honestly, who cares?

The narrative about this offense will continue to be that Miami can't win the big games against winning teams and guess what, we may need to start thinking that it is true.

Miami, for the 3rd time this year has lost because the offense can't adjust to defensive changes early enough to impact the game. Today, Mike McDaniel failed to do it again and when it came to making plays, the Chiefs' defense stepped up, but Miami's offense did not.

21-14 is hardly a massive loss but if we are being honest, this game wasn't that close for the Dolphins offense and with 2 possessions to at least tie the game, they failed.