Dolphins named 'best fit' for veteran QB who somehow remains a free agent

Could the veteran come in and be a solid backup for Tua Tagovailoa?
Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins have three realistic options at quarterback this year. Two of them will compete for the backup role to Tua Tagovailoa. That hasn't stopped many media outlets from considering the idea of another QB joining the team.

This time around, Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports is throwing out the idea that the best free agent landing spot for Ryan Tannehill is in Miami. Tannehill, as Benjamin notes, is not going to be a full-time starter anymore. However, could he make sense for the Dolphins to be Tua's No. 2?

Could the Miami Dolphins make a run to try and sign Ryan Tannehill?

"After two injury-riddled seasons to close his Tennessee Titans career, Tannehill's days as a regular starter are over. But the 35-year-old offers extensive experience (151 starts), and the Miami Dolphins' current insurance plan behind Tua Tagovailoa consists of Mike White and Skylar Thompson, who've combined to go 3-6 in emergency starts during their respective careers. Tannehill knows Miami well, and his script-dependent style fits Mike McDaniel's offense."

Cody Benjamin

Benjamin doesn't see Tannehill as a competition for Tua, but he does see him as the best choice to backup the Dolphins starting QB. For once, I might have to agree with Benjamin on this one. Tannehill makes more sense than fans will want to believe.

Tannehill wasn't a fan favorite of the Dolphins fanbase not that long ago. Many were ready for him to go sooner than he actually was traded. His time in Tennessee wasn't anything special, but as Benjamin points out, he has far more experience than White or Thompson and could provide the Dolphins with a veteran backup should something happen to Tagovailoa.

Benjamin also points out that Tannehill is, as he calls it, a "script quarterback," and that is what McDaniel's system is. Here is the play; it goes here or it goes there. It's a pretty simple ask of the 35-year-old veteran, and the Dolphins would have someone in place who could keep the momentum going if Tua misses time.

Tannehill's days as a full-time starter are done. He has been in the league since 2012 and his journey around the league will likely take a similar turn to that of the man he replaced, Chad Henne. Is this a perfect solution for the Dolphins? No, but it is thinking ahead.