Dolphins: New revelations about Miami defenders and why Vic Fangio couldn't connect

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Ron Jaworski had some unpleasent things to say about some of the team's defenders.
Nov 2, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio at press conference
Nov 2, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio at press conference / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Vic Fangio's departure from the Miami Dolphins is bringing unwanted attention to the players themselves.

When Fangio left Miami there was a lot of talk about Dolphins defenders being thrilled that he was out. Now, the other side of the coin is revealing itself. Former Dolphins QB, Ron Jaworski, who spent most of his NFL career with Philadelphia contends he has spoken with Fangio. The two are reportedly fans.

Jaws as Jaworski was called, told a podcast that Fangio couldn't relate to the players "were more interested in living a 'Miami lifestyle' than putting in the work.

Those are pretty big words but they may also be true. Fangio is a tough coach and Miami knew that going in. He isn't a miracle worker. He expects his players to put in the time like he does. If he felt the Dolphins players were not invested, it could explain more as to why he wasn't either.

It doesn't make much sense for Fangio to talk and it not be considered at least partially true. If the conversation did happen between and Jaworski the only thing may be embellishing on the part of "Jaws."

The real problem is that players were not putting in the work to the point it became a problem. The Dolphins need to identify those players who are there for the wrong reasons and remove the problem or another DC is going to face the same problems.

Miami will be interviewing Leslie Frazier this week and he is an old-school coach who also demands a lot from his players but maybe they need someone who will be buddy-buddy with them like McDaniel is.

If it is true what Fangio said, then it makes Miami's players look soft and that isn't the case for most of them. Regardless, it is another side to the departure where Miami players were celebrating. Maybe we know a little bit more as to why they couldn't connect.