Dolphins rumors: Miami will extend these three players soon after the 2024 NFL Draft

In this photo illustration, a person seen holding 50 and 100...
In this photo illustration, a person seen holding 50 and 100... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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The hardest contract to get done for the Miami Dolphins will be Jevon Holland's new deal.

When it comes to contract extensions for soon-to-be impending free agents, Chris Grier is not very good at reading the market. In fact, you could argue that he is horrible at it. He gave Mike Gesicki the franchise tag and then watched him leave in FA on a one-year deal with the Patriots. It was a cheap deal. Christian Wilkins could have been signed last year for what the Dolphins reportedly offered him this year. Instead, Wilkins hit FA and got paid a lot more than he was rumored to be asking last year.

The same with Robert Hunt who got a massive payday. Grier needs to look at both of them and get a deal done with Jevon Holland now.

Holland is a big piece of the Dolphins defense and Grier needs to pay him as such. The only thing Grier can do is apply the Franchise Tag next year and in essence, overpay for one season. The best option is to pay him now with a well-structured contract. Next year, Holland's price will go up and fans will be left wondering why Grier didn't make the deal this year.

Would it surprise anyone to see the tag applied next season and Holland to walk in FA following 2025? It wouldn't surprise me.