Dolphins rumors: Miami will extend these three players soon after the 2024 NFL Draft

In this photo illustration, a person seen holding 50 and 100...
In this photo illustration, a person seen holding 50 and 100... / SOPA Images/GettyImages
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Of all the players that could be and should be extended this year, only Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is a lock to get it done.

Sorry Tua haters, but Tagovailoa is going to be an incredibly rich man by the time training camp rolls around. Chris Grier has stated that Tagovailoa is the future of the team at QB and he also said that talks have not taken place because both sides know the draft preparations are going on.

This is an indication that following the draft, the talks will resume and Tua should have a new deal before camp in late July. More realistically, we should see an extension in the first week of June when the Xavien Howard money is released back to the salary cap.

Tua's 2024 cap hit will be minimal but overall, he should be getting a $50 million-a-year deal that is likely 5 years. With Tua, it is not a matter of when but how much.

What else will facilitate this is the fact that every other move Miami makes in terms of extensions may have to wait until after this contract is done. Miami needs to know the money that will be tied up over the next several years. As a result, we may not see a Waddle or Holland extension until after Tua's is completed.