Dolphins set up to fail if you believe the NFL conspiracy theorists

The Miami Dolphins have a tough game on Sunday and it could decide the top seed in the AFC, but does the NFL want that?

Dec 7, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; The NFL logo is painted in the end-zone as the
Dec 7, 2023; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; The NFL logo is painted in the end-zone as the / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes conspiracy theories can make you laugh and when it comes to the NFL there is no shortage. This week, the Miami Dolphins are going to lose because that is what the NFL wants.

There have been some theories making their way around the internet lately and as the week turned to Ravens' week, there has been no shortage of what the NFL's end game might be. From bribed referees to the NFL watchdogs overturning clear turnovers, the NFL sits in the crosshairs.

This week, we might just know if this is all true or not. Will the referees favor the Ravens? Some think this is an absolute because they believe the NFL wants the Ravens in the top spot of the AFC rather than the Dolphins. Some theorize that Baltimore is much more of a "football" city than Miami with bad weather potential. Others believe that the league wants week 18 to have more meaning.

The Dolphins have owned the top spot in the AFC East since week one. They spent one weekend tied with the Bills for first place, that was in week 4. Now, the thought is that after a disastrous run of games, a Bills vs. Dolphins season finale is exactly what the NFL wants to see.

That game, barring a loss by the Bills to the Patriots or a loss this week to the Ravens by Miami, will decide the AFC East. It's the kind of story that the NFL loves. The Buffalo Bills, against all odds, fought back into the division to win it all and knock off the high-powered Dolphins offense.

The national media don't like the Dolphins. We all know that. The Bills are a New York team, they are a bad weather team, a cold weather team, and they represent the gritty working class. The media love Josh Allen and no matter how many interceptions he throws, they believe him to be the real MVP of the league and are just waiting for a reason to hand it to him.

If Miami beats the Ravens on Sunday, the Bills and Dolphins game comes with a lot less intrigue. The Bills will not be able to win the division and can only spoil Miami's drive for the top seed. Is that enough enticing to the NFL regulators who set this script up every week?

Personally, the only thing I believe in, is the Miami Dolphins doing what they do best, score points and smother opposing offenses. I don't buy into the conspiracy theories but they are fun to read. Of course, if the Dolphins end up with another Eagles-type game, I might have to change my mind.

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