Dolphins steal WR Malik Washington in round six of the 2024 NFL Draft

Virginia v Louisville
Virginia v Louisville / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins finally took advantage of a deep wide receiver class taking Virginia's Malik Washington in the 6th round.

Washington's fall was a bit surprising and while he wasn't considered a day one pick by any stretch, some believed he could land near the end of the 3rd round or early fourth but given some of the other surprises, Washington continued to fall. lists him as an "eventual average starter" at the next level giving him a 6.26 score. He ran a 4.47 at the Combine so again, the Dolphins find more speed for an already fast offense.

Washington has a solid resume since 2019 playing 16 games as a reserve in his first two seasons. In 2022 he posted 694 yards in a full slate 12 games. 2023 saw him improve to 1,426 yards with 9 touchdowns.

In the NFL, Washington will translate to a slot style receiver where he can use his speed to create space and get mismatches with linebackers.

Washington will be a project for coach Wes Welker who knows how a slot receiver should be used. His route running has been suspect mainly because he has been more of a point and click type route runner. In other words, go to this location and look for the ball. He will have to be more savvy with his ability to read the defense.

The Dolphins needed to add some WR help, but this won't rule out the addition of a veteran WR from the free agent pool later in May or in June, ahead of the team's July start of training camp.