Dolphins Xavien Howard back in the news after lawsuit regarding sex tapes filed, attorney calls it a "dead loser"

The Miami Dolphins can't seem to go year to year without some sort of controversy and now, start cornerback Xavien Howard is back in the news for the wrong reasons.
Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard (25) participates during the scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium,
Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard (25) participates during the scrimmage at Hard Rock Stadium, / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

Xavien Howard is facing a new lawsuit that alleges he made secret sex tapes and shared them. This story is developing and we caution that jumping to conclusions isn't smart but regardless, the look is not something that Howard or the Dolphins needed.

Perhaps if NFL players automatically had contract language that would take away money for off-field issues, off-field issues may be a lot less.

Today's news surrounds a lawsuit that has been filed against Howard. It says that Howard made secret sex tapes and shared them, according to FOX Sports' Andy Slater.

Howard has been accused of off-field stuff in the past but it has been minor and never amounted to anything. Now, it seems that Howard may eventually get a phone call from Roger Goodell at some point if there is some validity to the lawsuit. For now, this is a civil case as there are no reports of a criminal case pending against the CB. Howard's attorney says this should go away quickly.

Slater was quick to point out that Howard's attorney expects this to be dismissed as early as Monday. This will be an important date to keep an eye on as should the judge find there is enough to warrant a continued case, it will spill into the season.

If this is accurate, the only thing that is going to be blemished is Howard's reputation in the eyes of the public. Already many fans are being critical of the situation which isn't surprising. The Dolphins don't need more distractions ahead of their season.

- Andy Slater via Twitter