ESPN Ranks Top 10 QBs by Trait: Where Does Tua Land?

The World Wide Leader came up with an extensive list which ranked the players based on10 different quarterbacking traits.

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins / Bryan Cereijo/GettyImages

Another day, another NFL player related ranking. A few weeks ago I had talked about the Jeremy Fowler-led ESPN segment which ranked the top 10 players at 11 different positions. It wasn’t enough for the folks over at the World Wide Leader. This week they decided to rehash the quarterback portion but this time change the criteria. Instead of the standard top 10 overall list (which Tua didn’t even place in!) they opted for a more extensive one which ranked the players based on10 different quarterbacking traits.

Those traits included:

Arm Strength
Field Vision
Compete Level and Toughness
In the Pocket
Rushing Ability
Second Reaction

Nine voters ranked their personal top 10 by each trait then combined them through a points-based system to come up with a master list.

Keep in mind this was done by their in-house ‘analysts’ so this isn’t really a reflection about how the league feels about these players. Also the names of the voters are listed in the article - Dolfans have at it with the criticism on twitter if you disagree (kidding, not really).

So how did Tua fare with the voters in each one?

1. Arm Strength: Did not place but received at least 1 vote in the top 10.

Some notable QBs ranked were Allen, Mahomes, and Herbert. Interestingly enough Anthony Richardson placed 6th and has yet to play a regular season game.

2. Accuracy: 4th overall.

Right behind Burrow, Rodgers, and Mahomes. Tua’s bread and butter, is amongst the elite.

3. Touch: 4th overall.

Right behind, Burrow, Rodgers and Mahomes.

Touch in this case is about trajectory of the ball. According to the voters: “Successful quarterbacks need to master trajectory, whether it’s fitting the ball in a tight spot with zip or softly dropping it in over a receiver’s shoulder. They also need to throw with anticipation, leading a receiver into the catch and navigating defensive coverages.”

4. Mechanics: 9th overall.

Right above Stafford but below the likes of Josh Allen and Kirk Cousins.

5. Field Vision: 8th overall.

In between Trevor Lawrence and Dak Prescott.

6. Decision-making with the Football: 10th overall

Fair to say the two years under Flores in an anemic offense sure affected his rating. Seems like a category that Tua can excel in during his second year under McDaniel.

7. Compete Level and Toughness: Did not place but received at least 1 vote in the top 10.

Kind of an unfair category to rank Tua in considering the health issues he’s had as of recently.

According to the voters, it does not only account for physical toughness but also “a quarterback’s command of his offense, leadership qualities and ability to deliver in the clutch.” Another successful year in a McDaniel scheme with Tua flexing his new sleeve tattoo will surely sway the voters.

Side Note: Kind of odd that Justin Fields, who quarterbacked for the worst team in football, made the list.

8. Pocket Presence: 8th overall.

9. Rushing Ability: Did not place & did not receive votes.

Let’s face it, he never was going to place. Not a concern, especially in this offense with so many explosive players on the perimeter.

10. Second-reaction ability: Did not place but received at least 1 vote in the top 10. A category we would all love to see Tua improve in.

Placing in 6 of the 10 categories is not an easy feat. Kudos to those who acknowledged his natural talents in accuracy and touch and placed him amongst the elite.

Three of the categories he missed out on -Arm Strength, Rushing Ability, Second-Reaction Ability- are not intrinsically apart of his game and therefore the Dolphins offense should not require him to be in the top ten in any one of them.

Where Tua will need to elevate his game is in those remaining five categories:
Mechanics, Field Vision, Decision-making, Compete Level & Toughness, and Pocket Presence.
All of which seem like areas he can easily improve on with a higher command of the offense.