Everything you need to know about potential Dolphins draft target Jackson Powers Johnson!

Throughout the weeks leading up to the draft, I will be breaking down film and discussing my thoughts on potential Dolphins draftees. The first name on my wish list for the Dolphins is the player we're highlighting today: Jackson Powers Johnson.
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington
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Jackson Powers Johnson Prospect Grade

The way I grade a prospect is a combination of his size for the position, his athletic profile, and his strengths and weaknesses. I will take positional value into consideration as well.

100 - Perfect Prospect Guaranteed Hall of Fame

99-95 Perennial All Pro.

94-90 Pro Bowler and considered top 5 in your position.

89-80 Good quality starter in the top 10-15 at your position.

79-75 Low end starter.

74-70 Great back up/borderline starter

69-60 Back up

Prospect Grade: 88

I think JPJ is a bit more raw than most people believe, but he has plenty of growth potential. He has the ideal size and athletic profile for his position. He is a day 1 starter and likely a 10+ year starter and has all-pro potential with his size and quickness if he develops his technique properly. Johnson is young and relatively inexperienced, so good coaching is a must. He isn't super aggressive, but his controlled approach gets the job done. His pass protection is average, with some footwork issues on film. His "plus" play percentage when I broke down his film was 92%. He is a solid NFL starter with a really high ceiling.

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