Everything you need to know about potential Dolphins draft target Jackson Powers Johnson!

Throughout the weeks leading up to the draft, I will be breaking down film and discussing my thoughts on potential Dolphins draftees. The first name on my wish list for the Dolphins is the player we're highlighting today: Jackson Powers Johnson.

2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Breaking Down Jackson Powers Johnson's Game Film: What Stood Out?

Since it is so difficult to get hands-on all-22 film for collegiate teams, I watched the Texas Tech and Colorado games, as well as the PAC-10 Championship against Washington.

In the Texas Tech game, he had a plus grade on 89% of his snaps. Of the 3 games watched, this was his worst game. This was the 2nd game of the season, and even in his "worst" game, he was very good. There were two "WOW" plays. One was a sneak where he exploded with his hands through the nose tackle and got the great push, and the other was a screen where he got out quickly and pancaked a defensive back in space.

Most of his negatives were some footwork issues which are easily correctable and simple mistakes. His worst rep was against an A-gap blitz. He was slow out of his stance and into his pass set and essentially got blown by. This was corrected in another A-gap blitz much later in the game.

Against Colorado, he posted a 93% on my scale. There were some great plays where he got to the second level to spring some nice gains, as well as one mean pancake block in the first quarter. His negatives came a bit later on. He seemed a bit timid or complacent as the game reached blowout levels, and lost a bit of intensity. Not the end of the world.

He posted a 94.9% plus grade on my scale in the PAC 12 Championship Game against Washington. He was nearly perfect in the biggest game of the year. His highlights were a couple of strong reps in pass pro, probably the best he has been in pass pro came against a great defensive front. He also had a play similar to Rob Hunt's touchdown in Miami where he scooped up a fumble and dove into the end zone, though it was later called back.

In the biggest game of his young career, he only had 3 negative plays by my metric. In high school, we want our guys in the 80-85% range, but we're happy with anything in the 70s, for reference. To have such a great game against an elite opponent was very impressive.

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