Everything you need to know about potential Dolphins draft target Xavier Worthy

Throughout the weeks leading up to the draft, I will be breaking down film and discussing my thoughts on potential Dolphins draftees. The next player up is the fastest player in NFL Combine history: Xavier Worthy.
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Xavier Worthy Prospect Grade

The way I grade a prospect is a combination of his size for the position, his athletic profile, and his strengths and weaknesses. I will take positional value into consideration as well.

100 - Perfect Prospect Guaranteed Hall of Fame

99-95 Perennial All Pro.

94-90 Pro Bowler and considered top 5 in your position.

89-80 Good quality starter in the top 10-15 at your position.

79-75 Low end starter.

74-70 Great back up/borderline starter

69-60 Back up

Prospect Grade: 83

Xavier Worthy actually reminded me quite a bit of Tyreek Hill on film. Not the seasoned veteran Tyreek, but a more raw, physically gifted Tyreek. He has the elite speed and agility that can see him excel in the right offense. From the games in 2023, I watched, his hands did not concern me. He ran through tackles at times and even trucked a safety into the end zone. He will never be elite on contested catches, but I thought he was adequate. He shines on deep routes, comebacks, and screens. He has great vision to hit a crease and get loose on screens. His comeback routes are very similar to Tyreek's, and obviously, with his speed, he is a deep ball threat every play. He is a player that needs to be in a system that understands his talents and how to effectively use him. On a team like the Patriots, he will make much less of an impact than he would on the Dolphins for example. He has boom or bust potential depending on where he is selected, but doesn't everyone?

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