Expletives and cheese sauce highlight a fun start to the Miami Dolphins on Hard Knocks: In Season

The Miami Dolphins 2023 team appeared for the first time on HBO's Hard Knocks: In Season and it was quite a first episode.

Nov 19, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) reacts as
Nov 19, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) reacts as / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Hard Knocks: In Season on HBO premiered last night and the Miami Dolphins made their television debut for the first time since Joe Philbin was a rookie head coach.

Hard Knocks is HBO's inside look at NFL teams but you probably knew that already. On Tuesday night, the first episode of 2023 In Season debuted and there was nothing that was not entertaining.

The episode started with a barrage of F-Bombs from Mike McDaniel as he talked to the team about the arrival of the cameras at their training facility. McDaniel called it "Hard Knocks Day" but continued to let his team know that the only distraction would be what the players allowed.

After the team announcement, dropped F-bombs (I wouldn't have thought McD swore that much), and a quick segment on Tua's new corn-row braids, we got a glimpse into the everyday training the Dolphins go through. Looks into team meeting rooms and a great segment on Maxx Crosby and how the Dolphins planned to limit his presence and prepare Tua Tagovailoa to play against him.

If the Mike McDaniel energy wasn't enough to be a show in and of itself, the water cooler talk this morning was all about cheese sauce.

In the latter quarter of the episode, Tyreek Hill's new wife, Keeta Vaccaro was sitting in the stands for the Raiders game with Tyreek's mom when she reached in the air during a player put her hands behind her head and tipped the still-yet-to-be determined food that the guy behind her was holding.

Was it nachos? Was it a hotdog with cheese sauce? Some believe it was chicken strips but whatever it was, it was in her hair, on her arm, and on the seats. The poor guy lost what was likely a $20.00 meal. He kept apologizing but clearly, this was not his fault.

As for Keeta, she handled it with grace, style, and laughter. While we can all be certain that she was probably not thrilled at all with the mishap, she literally excused herself to get cleaned up.

From a dancing Christian Wilkins in the locker room to a fun conversation between Tyreek Hill and the referees pregame, episode one was a great premier for Dolphins fans regardless of whether you think HBO should be there or not. As Dolphins fans, it was fun.

In Season will arrive every Tuesday night and will continue through the entire regular season and into the playoffs if the Dolphins make it. It is reported that In Season will cover the Dolphins until their season is over...could they be covering a Super Bowl this year?