Final 2023 NFL Draft grades for the Miami Dolphins

South Carolina v Clemson
South Carolina v Clemson / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

With the NFL Draft done for the Miami Dolphins, we used all the picks we had and didn't trade at all. While many articles by many experts have speculated that the Miami Dolphins could have traded up or down the Miami Dolphins claimed to protect future picks. In this article I will give grades to the four draft picks that the Miami Dolphins selected.

South Carolina CB Cam Smith (No. 51 overall) B+

This pick was a bit of a disappointment for many fans but to be realistic this was an outstanding pick for the Dolphins. Smith has good ball skills, excels in zone coverage, and is aggressive in tackling. Miami is starting to build the future for later in building two young CBs with Kohou and now drafting Smith. Ramsey and Howard are both on the other side of 30 and this gives them ample time to have two guys ready to start. I didn't think it was a necessary need this early but hats off to the management seeing a player who had a late 1st round grade and getting him.

Texas A&M RB Devon Achane (No. 84) A

The fans loved this pick from what I saw and it's hard not to be excited about a player like Achane with his one-cut ability and home run speed. This guy adds more speed to a backfield that has so many players that have that in the tool kid. Miami seems invested in him as the future #1 one back and one that was a good value after several others went off the board earlier than most. Achane can make a difference early in a crowded backfield and even make a push for a starting spot. Good pick for the Miami Dolphins.

Stanford TE Elijah Higgins (No. 197) C+

Higgins from Stanford is a pure developmental project and the Miami Dolphins brass think they have the tool to make him a good player in the offense. Right now many fans are looking at why and how Higgins fits our offense. Pre-draft many scouts were looking at Higgins as a TE and not a WR. He has soft hands and can make plays around the field. It seems Miami does want a TE that has WR qualities but also didn't want to shell out a ton of cap space for this idea. Higgins has the speed and hands to be a factor on third down right now. I fully expected they would have used this pick on a pure TE or OL but I understand the vision of what the brass see.

Michigan OT Ryan Hayes (No. 238) B-

Hayes has decent upside to be an effective player in the NFL. Some scouts like how he holds value as a swing tackle and depth. The Miami Dolphins need a good right tackle to make life better for Tua. I think overall this pick does fit a need but some would ask why wasn't this addressed sooner? Value was the number one focus for the Dolphins front office and most of the picks this year were long term developmental players rather than right now players. Hayes has the upside for a decent right tackle in the NFL.

Personally I was a fan of what the Miami Dolphins did in the draft one player has the traits to be a impact player early while the others are primed to be ready for the future. If you had to choose one player to be the guy this season who would it be? Let me know in the comments! What is your final draft grade for the draft??