For the Miami Dolphins, these three offensive players will be the key to keeping the Chargers on their heels.

Yes, Tua Tagovailoa is a threat to any defense when he is playing well. Yes, Tyreek Hills is a phenomenal athlete and receiver. Yes, Jaylen Waddle is a big component to winning any game but these three players have to play bigger than a simple offensive role.
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios (0) returns a punt during a preseason game at Hard Rock
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios (0) returns a punt during a preseason game at Hard Rock / JEFF ROMANCE/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

The game against the Chargers will not be an easy one for the Miami Dolphins and they should expect the Chargers defense to do everything they can to take away the contributions of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle and that means others have to step up and make plays.

Braxton Berrios could be a big factor on Sunday. He will return punts and kicks and starting field position is always important.

Berrios should contribute more than just special teams. He will see time in the slot as well and with Hill and Waddle drawing coverage from corners and safeties, Berrios will likely find himself matched with a linebacker. That is a mismatch Tua Tagovailoa has to take advantage of.

The chances of Berrios having significant stats isn't high but he should do enough to make the Chargers defense guess and play differently when they start to adjust, when that happens, Mike McDaniel has to take advantage.

Cedrick Wilson was not good last year and despite his contract restucture this year, he has to do more. Wilson has a lot of talent and why he was a non-factor last season and leap-frogged by lesser WRs is unclear. He was outplayed by just about everyone last year and if fails to do so this year, Chris Grier will once again be questioned about his contract.

Wilson should, however, make an impact. He is reliable receiver who had a good camp and preseason but now, he needs to be a playmaker and take advantage of every opportunity. The Chargers will play him man up and that is the battle that he must win. If he does, he could be a big part of the Dolphins offense on Sunday.

Raheem Mostert will get the start and there is doubt that De'Von Achane will be featured much as he comes off a slight injury. Miami is more likely to rely on Salvon Ahmed as the primary backup but for Mostert, this is a game that he absolutely must take over.

Last year, the Chargers took Hill and Waddle out of the game and Miami was largely ineffective as a result. This time they need to simply switch it up and run the ball. That is where Mostert will shine. His speed and physicality can change the flow of the game and wear down a defense that hasn't played a full game since last season.

Mostert could be the biggest X-factor in this game for Miami's offense. If the Dolphins rushing attack is working, the Chargers will change tactics in an attempt to stop it and when they do that, Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle should explode.

For Miami to win this game, they need to take over the 2nd half and that is where we will see what the plans are for Mostert this year.