Former Dolphins Xavien Howard has an apparently high opinion of his value

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Xavien Howard is no longer a Miami Dolphins CB and he is still without a job but he has a message for teams looking for help.

According to a report by the Houston Chronicle, Howard has stated he is willing to take "less money" to play for a contender. So what would he charge a non-contender? To be honest, would a contender want him?

Howard is past his prime and while it isn't clear what kind of money he is looking for, he may want to just consider finding work before he starts to spout off about what he will expect to be paid by non-contending teams vs. what he is willing to take for a contender.

Howard hasn't been the same player for a couple of years now and injuries continue to be a problem as well. Howard reportedly was approached by the Dolphins to take a pay cut and he refused. He told the media "If your boss asked you to take a pay cut, would you?" No, but I'm also not overly paid millions to play in the NFL.

Honestly, Howard should have taken a pay cut or at least considered it. He milked the Dolphins out of a huge contract coming off a career year. That was good for him and deserved but then after Grier overpaid Byron Jones, Howard had a fit, held an "injury holdout" in camp, and got his contract restructured as a result.

His reward to the Dolphins? He didn't perform close to what he did two years earlier. Last year, the same.

If Howard was so sought after we would be hearing of him visiting teams or at the very least teams interested in him. So far, nothing really.

Howard was reportedly interested in joining the Texans but so far there hasn't been any action on that front.

I hope that Howard gets a good deal and if a team overpays for him, then even better for Howard. Players have to get what they can while they can because the NFL will do whatever it can to not pay a player. That is the nature of the beast.

Regardless, Howard needs to show a bit of humility in this process. He isn't the sought-after CB that teams would have been knocking on the door over even a few years ago. It's unlikely he will become that player again.