Four players the Miami Dolphins gave big contract to that they shouldn't have

There is nothing worse in the NFL than giving out a massive contract to a player that doesn't come close to meeting the expectations. For the Miami Dolphins, there are more than just a few.
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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We can sit here and examine the Miami Dolphins lack of salary cap and look at the future when several players will be due top contracts. Some will get them, most of them won't.

Chris Grier has assembled a very good football team but there are some players that he simply should have left where they were at. Instead, he chose to pay them a lot of money and it simply isn't working in Grier's favor.

For the fault we can dig up, sometimes you swing and miss and sometimes you hit. No one is complaining about the multiple picks and contract given to Tyreek Hill. The move has been incredible for the Dolphins and especially to Tua Tagovailoa.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with Miami's loss to the Bills although you would expect better performances from some of the higher paid players.

Bradley Chubb is one of the players that should have been left in Denver.

Miami made a bold move at the trade deadline in 2022 to bring Bradley Chubb to the Dolphins. Miami need the LB help and Chubb was available. He also came with an injury history. So far, he has been healthy and has yet to miss a game, "knock on wood", in 2023. But his being on the field isn't worth the massive contract Miami gave him.

Chubb is under contract through 2027 and Miami's earliest escape from this deal won't come until 2026 when they can save $16 million against a $10 million loss.

This current deal is so bad that in 2024, releasing him would cost Miami $42 million with a marginal $15 million in comparison. In 2025, they could save 10 vs.16 in dead money.

The worst part is that Chubb looks sluggish, non-reactive, and is not making an impact off the edge. What the Dolphins should have done was invest their money in Roquan Smith who is a perfect fit with the Ravens.