Four players the Miami Dolphins gave big contract to that they shouldn't have

There is nothing worse in the NFL than giving out a massive contract to a player that doesn't come close to meeting the expectations. For the Miami Dolphins, there are more than just a few.
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Sometimes you can't judge a player solely on how they play and that is the case of Terron Armstead and the Miami Dolphins.

Armstead is hard to move and hard to get around at left tackle. He is an amazing blocker and an even better locker room leader but there is a problem with Armstead. He can't stay healthy and apparently, that is something Chris Grier was willing to risk Stephen Ross' money on.

Armstead will miss several weeks and probably more with a knee injury and while some are playing the "shocked" and "subdued" emotions card, everyone should have seen this coming. He missed time last year and now will miss quite a bit of 2023.

There were not a lot of options for Grier in free agency ahead of the 2022 season but he could have addressed the position in the draft. Instead, he made a massive offer to a FA player with a laundry list of injuries over his career.

$24 million in dead money in 2024 and $12 million in 2025. In 2024, the Dolphins will save a whopping $3.4 million and in 2025, almost $8 million. That's a lot of money to pay a guy that is going to spen more time inactive or potentially on IR.