Four players the Miami Dolphins gave big contract to that they shouldn't have

There is nothing worse in the NFL than giving out a massive contract to a player that doesn't come close to meeting the expectations. For the Miami Dolphins, there are more than just a few.
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The Miami Dolphins learned nothing from the big contract extension they gave Emmanuel Ogbah.

I get this one. Ogbah was coming off a big season and had everything going for him. The Dolphins wanted to keep one of their own. They gave him a big deal and he got injured and has yet to return to his pre-injury form.

Still, it is another example of a big contract that was wasted. This is where the Dolphins will be in a couple of years with Chubb and Armstead. Looking at the books and knowing they have one more year left before they can move on.

For Ogbah, that moving on will come, or should come, during the next off-season.

Ogbah is costing Miami more this year in cap space than any other player and that is a huge red flag. The Dolphins can escape the contract outright next off-season by releasing him. They would save $13.8 million against a $4 million hit.

The Miami Dolphins need to avoid this pitfall moving forward despite big contracts likely to be paid.

The Dolphins are going to have to pay Christian Wilkins this next off-season and frankly, as we said earlier this month, he should have taken what Miami was offering because he isn't playing at the level he wants to be paid.

In addition to Wilkins, Connor Williams needs a new deal and while he won't get paid a ton of money, he wants security so won't take a one-year deal.

Jerome Baker could be out next off-season as his contract flops to a $4 mill hit and an almost $10 mill savings.

The issues with all of them is simply the fact that Miami will need to replace them all and has other young guys coming up for new deals, none may be as important as Robert Hunt who is the Dolphins best offensive lineman, and most consistent.