Franchise tag for Tua Tagovailoa in 2025 could make sense for the Dolphins

Many fans are not going to like the possibility of Tua Tagovailoa not getting extended.
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Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier is so far sticking to his guns over what exactly he is willing to pay his star quarterback. Tua Tagovailoa, on the other hand, is sticking to his guns about what he expects the Dolphins to pay. One of them will blink, eventually.

There have been a lot of reports from the two sides being close to a new deal, but also reports of things not being close either. Others are walking back comments about this being inevitable and now another local beat writer covering the Dolphins is saying that both sides may want to go the franchise tag route after 2025. Is this something that would make sense?

Could the Dolphins end up not giving Tua Tagovailoa an extension this offseason?

Omar Kelly, who now works for the Miami Herald, is saying a tag option after this season could be doable for both sides and that they could be using it in the negotiations.

"Using the franchise tag to retain Tagovailoa in 2025 is an option, one that will cost Miami something in the neighborhood of $43 million in real salary, and cap space. That’s certainly doable for all parties, and is likely being used as negotiating leverage by both camps."

Omar Kelly - Miami Herald

This is a unique situation that both sides could actually make out well by using the tag should a deal not get done. While the security won't be there for Tagovailoa, $43 million is a lot of money for one year, and the more he continues to play at a high level, the more that number will continue to rise. If the Dolphins don't want to pay him now, Tua could stand to make a lot more on a deal signed next year or the year after.

For Grier, it will likely be cheaper to sign him this year than wait, but if injuries or concussions are a concern, then seeing if Tagovailoa can complete the 2024 season without incident might be the way to go for the Dolphins.

It's an odd situation, but it appears that neither side is willing to blink just yet. That time may not come until training camp begins and Tagovailoa could end up riding a bike instead of being on the field. A camp holdout is something that can't be ruled out.