Full 2024 NFL Mock Draft: QB heavy draft to start but WRs are becoming a hot position

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11. Minnesota Vikings - JJ McCarthy

Look at that, since I have no trades in this mock, Minnesota can stay put and draft McCarthy at 11 instead of potentially trading up for him. It is widely rumored they would trade up to 3 for Drake Maye, but I have them taking JJ here. I believe McCarthy is a wild card. He never really had to attempt too many passes at Michigan and was rarely forced to play from behind. He has good arm strength and ball placement and is a good athlete. How will he respond to NFL defenses, NFL pass rushers, and NFL pressure? That is what makes this a wild card pick. Good luck evaluating it past that!

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12. Denver Broncos - Laiatu Latu

Denver has been unable to replace Bradley Chubb, and this should do it. Some teams will be scared off by his injury history, but for the player he is, I have Denver taking a chance on him. Latu is a strong player with great hands and discipline in his game. He plays with a great understanding of rushing angles and ended last season with 13 sacks and 21 tackles for loss. He has average athleticism on tape, but he is a toolsy player with decent coverage ability as a 3-4 outside linebacker. The Broncos should take the best player available, and that is either Brock Bowers or Latu, I'm going with Latu.

13 Las Vegas Raiders - Quinyon Mitchell

I wavered between Mitchell and Wiggins for the Raiders, but Mitchell is the pick at 13. They could easily go OL here and it would make sense, but their secondary needs some work. Insert 6'1" 195lb corner, Quinyon Mitchell. He impressed all season at Toledo and turned heads at the Senior Bowl. He is experienced, a great tackler, and blazing fast. What's not to like?

14. New Orleans Saints - Taliese Fuaga

The Saints' pick of LT Trevor Penning just hasn't panned out. It would be in their best interest to take the best tackle still on the board. Fuaga has the versatility to play across the line and is very capable of defending the blind side at the next level. He has solid footwork, but his hands are elite. He punches with ferocity in the pass-and-run game with great placement. At times he can play a little tall for my liking, but he is a terrific prospect and allows you to find Penning's best position moving forward.