Full 2024 NFL Mock Draft: QB heavy draft to start but WRs are becoming a hot position

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Graham Barton
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21. Miami Dolphins - Graham Barton

I struggled with this pick. I love the idea of adding Xavier Worthy to this offense, but Barton is an elite-level offensive lineman. He is versatile, strong, and intelligent. In a perfect world, Miami could package this and future picks to get Bowers to play a big slot and wreak havoc. However, Barton is a home run selection. I love what he brings to the table with his intelligence and his football IQ. He has a good first step with excellent power on down blocks. He also shows the ability to get to the second level, which the Dolphins covet. I rarely saw him beat in pass protection, and his anchor and hand placement were top-notch. He can play tackle at an elite level, but his arm length projects him as a G/C at the next level. For Dolphins fans pounding the table for O-Line help, help has arrived.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Nate Wiggins

Wiggins has elite speed and a long frame, which makes him a strong corner prospect. He plays very smoothly and moves well in coverage. He will never be elite in run support, and his frame may be a concern to some, but Philly has previously drafted players with an "undersized" label, and it paid off for them once.

23. Minnesota Vikings - Kool-Aid McKinstry

An experienced, smart, poised player with good athleticism and a strong pedigree. Kool-Aid could be one of the steals of the draft. He has had 3 productive seasons coached by the greatest college coach of all time, and it shows in his intelligence. He plays within himself, never seeming out of control. He is smooth in man coverage with terrific ball skills. He is not a "plus" player in the run game, but he is consistently good in coverage. He may not have as high of a "ceiling" as other players, but he arguably is the best cornerback right now in this class. He does have a Lisfranc injury, so we will have to see how far he drops. I think his wait ends here.

24. Dallas Cowboys - Troy Fautanu

I have a tough time believing Fautanu falls this far, but some teams have different needs and player profiles they seem to covet more than others. For that reason, Fautanu falls to 23. Dallas needs to fill the void left by Tyron Smith, and this will help. Fautanu shows great motor and keeps his feet and hands active when pass-blocking. He has a strong lower half that shows up in down blocks. He is quick enough to quickly set twitchy edge rushers and has a good ability to get to the second level when necessary. His hand placement needs work, but he is a solid prospect and should start for Dallas right away.

25. Green Bay Packers - Jordan Morgan

A few players make sense here, Barton, Mims, maybe Brian Thomas Jr. or another big-time receiver. However, A deep run on offensive linemen kind of forces the Steelers' hand. I decided to go with a polished tackle in Jordan Morgan. Morgan tallied an impressive 83.5 PFF grade in 2023, which ranks him 12th in all of college football. With an opening at left tackle, Morgan's athleticism at his size and his quick feet give him a great starting point. Though his pass pro isn't perfect, especially against longer edge players, if he can develop better hand skills and shoot them with more ferocity, he could be another elite tackle for the Packers.