Game ends early after Miami Dolphins WR leaves field after injury

The Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars opted to close out the game 8 minutes early after a brutal injury sent one Dolphins WR to the hospital.
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

With 8 minutes and change left in tonights preseason conclusion, Miami Dolphins WR Daewood Davis was injured on an attempted catch. He laid motionless on the ground face down for several moments while medical staff attended to him.

UPDATE: Miami Dolphins release me a statement on Davis’ condition.

"Dolphins WR Daewood Davis suffered an injury in tonight’s game and has been taken to Baptist Medical Center Jacksonville for further evaluation. He is conscious and has movement in all extremities."

Team release

After a long pause in the game and after Davis had been put on a stretcher and backboard and left the field on a cart, both Mike McDaniel and Doug Pederson met with officials and several minutes later, the game was ended.

It is unclear the severity of Davis' injury and fans have been asking on social media whether or not he had shown any movement. That is still unclear.

The hit to Davis which was shown by the Jaguars telecast didn't appear to be as brutal as the injury seems to be. Davis attempted to catch a pass and as the ball was falling away he was hit by another defender who was flagged for the hit.

On replay, Davis didn't appear to take a direct shot to the front of his head or from the defenders head directly. It appeared as though the blow was more to the side of his head in a glancing angle rather than head on. Regardless, it was powerful enough to turn Davis' head.

Hopefully, Davis was only knocked out briefly after the hit and suffered a concussion. More should be known tomorrow after tests at the hospital and the coaching staff meet with the media.

For now, we can pray for his health and hope that this is nothing too serious.