Get used to the idea of Tua Tagovailoa getting paid a ton of money which he deserves

The Miami Dolphins starting QB is under contract for the 2024 season on the 5th year option but make no mistake, he is about to get paid.
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I'm not going to say that the Miami Dolphins should be racing to Tua's doorstep with a fat contract this instance. But if they did and it came out today that the Dolphins are signing Tua to a (Get that?) record-breaking deal, I wouldn't be anywhere near upset about it.

At this rate, which is a rate we all should be praying to whatever God/universe you desire continues, Tua will be getting a major contract in the future. Chris Grier said in late August that the team will not be talking about a long-term contract until after the season is over. That's a smart idea considering Tua's injury history.

But if Tua keeps this level of performance up, I wouldn't be too shocked if somewhere in December you see Miami reward Tua with a Joe Burrow-level contract which is $275M with $55M a year.

Is that a crazy number? Yes, yes it is. But is that the way sports works when you're playing as well as Tua and are putting up the video game numbers he is? Yes, it is. And then the next guy after Tua who is deemed "the guy" will get more than him and the cycle of dishing out out-of-this-world contracts to quarterbacks will continue.

In March, Tua signed a 5th-year option for 2024 that is worth a little over $23M. I thought it was a smart move by the Dolphins to have Tua here for at least another year after this season.

Obviously, everything surrounding Tua and a long-term deal is that really tired phrase of "Can he stay healthy" which I promise is as annoying to type out as it is to hear it. But currently, Tua isn't being touched, and although I'm sure there will be times this season when Tua gets hit and thrown to the ground(Imagine if that doesn't happen though) Tua seems to have done everything he possibly can to ensure that he will be able to get up. It's football and anything can happen but you can't say Tua doesn't look like the best version of himself out there.

If you're still not a believer in Tua being good at football and being the guy who is best to carry out McDaniel's offense, I feel bad for you, and also you need to deal with it. Tua isn't going anywhere and why would you want him to? He is playing fantastic and the guys on this team, genuinely, love him. What else do you want?

How Tua being signed to a mega-deal will affect the team is unknown at the moment. But you don't have to be a capologist to know that when you lock up your QB, it makes life harder to sign your own guys and sign big-ticketed free agents. It makes drafting precision even more important. It means signing Jaylen Waddle, which I think will 100% happen, and signing Jevon Holland and Jaelan Phillips, two guys I'm not 100% certain will be signed long-term in the event of Tua getting paid, will be interesting and potentially uncomfortable for many. The cap isn't real but you can't sign everybody and folks are going to have to deal with that reality.

What we need to hope for and all indications look like this is true but we need to hope that Mike McDaniel's offensive system can be carried out by a bunch of different guys. I realize there isn't any other Tyreek Hills out there but I strongly feel that McDaniel is smart enough to know how to craft an offense that can still move the ball if Hill isn't there.

So this year seems like the perfect year to go out and win the whole thing. Yes, now that I'm thinking about it, winning the Super Bowl this year is the right thing to do and then worry about all the money stuff later. Alright, now that we have that figured out let's go out and win the whole damn thing.

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