Grading each AFC East team's Draft: Is Miami in pole position to win the division?

There were some head-turning AFC East picks in the NFL Draft
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins / Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK
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New York Jets - 7 Selections

Pick No. 11 - Olu Fashanu - B+: Fans expected the Jets to go for the flashy pick. Short-term, Brock Bowers with this offense is really scary, but they opted for the long-term play. Fashanu is a terrific pass-blocker and he'll look to make a big impact for this team.

Pick No. 65 - Malachi Corley - B+: Corley is a bit of Deebo lite. He is a former running back who runs with great balance and a solid mix of speed and strength. I imagine the Jets will find creative ways to get him involved, as he does offer something different to what they have at WR right now. He won't be an elite WR, but he will be a great weapon if used correctly.

Pick No. 134 - Braelon Allen - B: A good, strong runner that offers the Jets something different from Breece Hall. A true "thunder and lightning" combination, and he will contribute late in close games or in short-yardage situations right away.

Pick No. 171 - Jordan Travis - C: On tape, I did not really like Jordan Travis. His decision-making was below average, his arm is not very strong, and his accuracy is average. I feel like they could have taken Michael Pratt in the seventh and gotten a better player at a better value who is not coming off a catastrophic injury.

Pick No. 173 - Isaiah Davis - C: This pick would be a B if you didn't just take a RB in the round prior. That makes this pick a bit strange. I like the player, and he could compete with Allen for RB2, but I don't know the purpose of selecting two backup RBs so close together in the same class.

Pick No. 176 - Qwan'tez Stiggers - B+: This is a cool pick. This guy went bonkers in Canada last season, and rightfully earned his stripes and his opportunity to be in the NFL. Cool story and a nice flier late in the draft.

Pick No. 171 - Jaylen Key - C: He could be a decent special teamer, but he was unimpressive in his stint in Tuscaloosa, and I doubt he will see the field for any defensive work.

Grade: C+ - There are positives here; mainly, you have your LT of the future. Corley could end up being a really solid weapon. Travis may develop into a fine QB, but, all things considered, the needle doesn't move much for me. Two RBs is strange, Stiggers is awesome, and taking a guy like Pratt in Round 7 and taking someone like Caelen Carson or Malik Washington in Round 5 would have been better value.