Grading each AFC East team's Draft: Is Miami in pole position to win the division?

There were some head-turning AFC East picks in the NFL Draft
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins / Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Miami Dolphins - 7 Selections

Pick No. 21 - Chop Robinson - B: This is just an average pick. With all of the best pass-rushers off the board, it felt like Miami was committed to taking one in the first, regardless of value. Many expected him to fall into Round 2. He is extremely athletic, but lacks real technicality, and he will have to learn on the job in 2024.

Pick No. 55 - Patrick Paul - C: There were players (Kingsley Suamataia, Roger Rosengarten) who could have kicked in to guard this year to give value right away with their long-term projection being at tackle. Instead, Miami took a project LT who is good in pass protection, but struggles in the run game. Someone who will need to sit all of 2024 and adds no value to a team looking to compete for a Super Bowl? If Paul truly develops, with his size, he could end up becoming good, but after breaking down the film, he needs a lot of work.

Pick No. 120 - Jaylen Wright - B+: A solid player and fit here. Wright has a chance to supplant De'Von Achane as RB1 after Raheem Mostert is gone. He is lightning-quick and a great pass-blocker, which gives him a super high floor. His vision needs work, but he has plenty of potential.

Pick No. 158 - Mohamed Kamara - B+: This pick is great value as many people thought he could be a fourth or even a third-round pick. He has great quickness and production over the past couple of years, but is a bit small for the position.

Pick No. 184 - Malik Washington - B+: Washington was ranked 90th on PFF's final big board, and while I don't put much stock into the consensus, that is still an impressive value. Washinton is undersized, but could be electric in this offense.

Pick No. 198 - Patrick McMorris - C: McMorris wasn't on many big boards or seven-round mock drafts, so this guy came out of nowhere. Look for him to be a special teams guy.

Pick No. 241 - Tahj Washington - B+: I feel like Miami was not expecting to see him this late, so thought, "why not?" Washington is a great separator and a guy that put up great numbers at USC. He is, yet again, an undersized WR, but I guess that fits the mold of what Mike McDaniel wants.

Grade: C+: Many people said it was "saved by Day 3", but I disagree. Miami reached on a LT that needs a ton of work before he ever sees an NFL field and took an undersized pass-rusher who can really only contribute on third down. The Day 3 picks are nice, but this draft could have been much better if Chris Grier could have focused on other positions.