Grading each AFC East team's Draft: Is Miami in pole position to win the division?

There were some head-turning AFC East picks in the NFL Draft
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins / Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Buffalo Bills - 10 Selections

Pick No. 33 - Keon Coleman - B: Keon Coleman has a couple different career paths. He could be really good, or he could be Devante Parker. By all metrics, he struggles to create separation at times. He is a great athlete and has a good OC and great QB to make magic happen. However, with AD Mitchell on the board, I can't help but wonder if they picked the right guy.

Pick No. 60 - Cole Bishop - C+: If the Bills felt they had to get a safety, Bishop was probably the best one left. He is a solid tackler with really good speed. His discipline in deep zones needs work, especially having to see Miami twice a year, but his play in and around the box makes him a solid pick even if it was a bit of a reach.

Pick No. 95 - DeWayne Carter - B+: I'm a huge DeWayne Carter guy. He was very productive at Duke as a disruptive interior pass-rusher and does a great job of using his hands and plethora of pass-rush moves to get to the QB. He is solid, but unremarkable against the run, and his 2022 tape was better than 2023, but I still think this is a great pickup late in Round 3.

Pick No. 128 - Ray Davis - B: A bit of an odd one as Davis is projected more as a 3rd down back. He and James Cook can essentially fill the same role on the offense. Davis doesn't have the speed or shiftiness of Cook, but his vision and quick cuts are what make him a solid back and a decent pick up in round 4.

Pick No. 141 - Sedrick Van Pran-Granger - B+: Van Pran-Granger has a really good floor as a center or guard prospect. Watching him, you wonder if he is maxed out in terms of how much better he can be, but he is a great sixth man for Buffalo.

Pick No. 160 - Edefuan Ulofoshio - C: The player has been through a lot to get here, but he is not particularly athletic or instinctive. He will be a depth piece or special teamer.

Pick No. 168 - Javon Solomon - B+: Instead ofRobinson, if Miami had come out with Solomon and Kamara, I would have been just as pleased. He lacks true elite potential due to his size, but he had the most sacks of anyone in the draft, including 17 in 2023. Awesome pickup on Day 3.

Pick No. 204 - Tylan Grable - C: Dart throw on a developmental tackle with above average athleticism.

Pick No. 219 - Daequan Hardy - C: Probably just a special teamer with one year of starting experience and fairly mediocre numbers.

Pick No. 221 - Travis Clayton - C: A fun dart throw on a guy from England in the NFL International Player Pathway. He has great size and quickness, though I doubt we will ever see him on the field.

Draft Grade - C+: I wonder about Coleman over Mitchell, and the second-round pick of Bishop seemed like a bit of a reach, but I love Carter, Solomon, and Van Pran-Granger in the middle rounds. I think I would prefer Mitchell due to his athletic profile and what he put out on tape. It feels like the Bills may have bought into the pre-draft smoke around Mitchell and decided to pass.