Grading every draft pick the Miami Dolphins made in the 2024 NFL Draft

21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins
21. Chop Robinson, DE, Miami Dolphins / Dan Rainville / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Miami Dolphins 2024 NFL Draft is in the books and now, we can look forward to seeing how these young players do in their NFL careers.

Grading a draft is usually wrong but it has become almost a yearly tradition. The media have given their grades and opinions so naturally, it's time to give ours.

Round 1: Chop Robinson - EDGE - B+

The Dolphins could have gone offensive line here and maybe even wide receiver but there was no doubt one of the biggest needs was on the edge. It can't be understated that Miami simply doesn't have the depth to start the season without Chubb and Phillips.

Robinson was the number two ranked EDGE defender in this year's draft but he is considered a boom or bust player. He should be fine in Miami where all he will need to do is be disruptive.

Round 2: Patrick Paul - OT - B

The more tapes I watch, the more I start to see why the Dolphins took him. There were better options at 55, and Paul won't start in 2024, but this is a draft pick more designed as a forward-thinking selection. In 2025, Paul will likely take over for Terron Armstead, and the Dolphins won't have to find a replacement a year from now. It may not be an idea for 2024, but the Dolphins are comfortable with their starters this year but need immediate depth for when Armstead goes down.

Round 4: Jaylen Wright - RB - A

Yes, the Dolphins gave up a 3rd round pick in 2025 to get him, but that was all it cost them, and the Dolphins will still likely have two more 3rd round picks in next year's draft. Wright is track fast and can make himself smaller when hitting traffic. He will see special teams work in 2024 and will add depth. The Dolphins lost three RBs during the season in 2023, and while none of them were season-ending, the depth was a problem.

Round 5: Mohamed Kamara - EDGE - A+

Kamara may be my favorite pick. Still raw, Kamara is another low floor high ceiling selection with a non-stop motor. He is fast off the edge with good vision but he will need to develop more consistency. The value of this pick was really good as Kamara was considered an early day three draft pick.

Round 6: Malik Washington - WR - A+

Another selection of a player that was ranked much higher and fell. The depth at WR was extremely deep, and Washington simply fell because many teams had already added WRs earlier. Washington is fast and is viewed as a slot receiver. High potential for a 6th round pick that should make the roster.

Round 6: Patrick McMorris - Safety - C

At this point in the draft, how can you rank someone as a C? The truth is we don't know much about him, and other options on the board could have had more of an impact on the roster this year. McMorris might turn out to be a good safety, but he has a lot of work to do to get there. He can struggle at times because he doesn't have the deep speed to stick with WRs but against the run he was better, he still needs to work on his tackling. In 2024, he won't likely be the primary backup to Jevon Holland and Jordan Poyer. In fact, he may be more of a practice squad option.

Round 7: Tahj Washington - WR - A+

Another wide receiver named Washington will no doubt confuse Dolphins fans on game days. T.W. will have a legitimate shot at making the Dolphins roster as a 6th WR, and he could impact the depth chart. There is a lot to like about this kid who should have come off the board two rounds earlier. The Dolphins could have gotten their second or third steal of this draft.

Overall grade - B

I'm going to give the Dolphins two grades with this draft. The first is a B+ for the talent that Miami is bringing in. The Dolphins needed to fill holes, and they did that, but the draft itself wasn't designed for 2024 as much as it was designed for the seasons afterward.

The 2nd grade is a B+, and this is what Miami did in the draft to address the future. They drafted highly developmental WRs late, which will not make an impact this year but could in the future. They drafted an offensive tackle more for 2025 and beyond than they did for 2024, and the same can be said for Jaylen Wright.