Grading the Miami Dolphins week 1 offense vs the L.A. Chargers and why it was nearly perfect

The Miami Dolphins offense was nearly perfect on Sunday. The Miami Dolphins still grade exceptionally high.

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

When the Miami Dolphins took the field on opening day in Los Angeles, it appeared that he cylinders of this machine were working perfectly. Miami opened the game with a first drive 7 point lead.

Oh wait, they didn't and that is why the offensive grades isn't perfect. Fumbling twice on the first drive with one of them going to the Chargers at the 2 yard line, not a recipe for success.

Miami responded on their next drive with the touchdown they should have made on their first drive.

Coaching - A - McDaniel called a very good game on offense and while fans were wondering why he would take a timeout with 14 seconds left in the half, it turned out to be the right move as Miami kicked a field goal as the half expired. It kept them in the game and would later prove to be important.

So why an A ? McDaniel is having too much fun with his passing game and there are times when he needs to work in his running back unit.

QB - A - You don't throw like Tua did on Sunday and grade him less than an A+. It was nearly a perfect game for him as well. The interception in the end zone keeps it from being higher.

RB - B + - This should probably be an A- because it isn't their fault they were not called on as much as they should have been. When the were, they delivered and if add Erik Ezukanma into the would go to an A but I'm keeping him at WR - but I still think I will bump this to an A considering the blocking was very good and they did what was asked.

TE - A - The blocking was good and Durham Smythe really had a great day picking up needed first downs. It was good to see McDaniel recognize what the Chargers defense was doing and utilize a weapon many didn't think he actually had.

WR - A+ - Tyreek Hill was absolutely amazing. Jaylen Waddle had a good game. Ezukanma ran like Deebo Samuel, River Cracraft continued to score, and Braxton Berrios was absolute clutch.