How many Miami Dolphins players will be in the NFL top 100 and how many should be!

NFL Network will start to release their list of 2023 top 100 players as voted on by the players themselves. How many Miami Dolphins players should be and will be on the list will elicit quite a few reactions from fans.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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This year the Miami Dolphins will get a few players on the NFL top 100 list but if fans are expecting to see a great representation from their favorite team, they may want to sit back, grab some whiskey and prepare for the worst.

We know that Tyreek Hill will be on the list. We also know that he should be, at minimum, in the top 40 players for this season but we also know that this entire thing can be subjective and based on personal friendships rather than who the better players are. Then again, no voting system is 100% fair so having just players vote for players may be the only way to keep it as close to realistic.

Miami fans have been debating who will be on the list in 2023 and honestly, I can't agree with all of them but feel that some should be. Here is my list of who you should see on the list and who you actually will.

Yes, you should absolutely expect to see Christian Wilkins in the top 100.

Wilkins posted a combined 98 tackles last season and is considered one of the top up and coming DTs in the league. Will he be top 50? No, he should fall somewhere in the 80s if we are being honest but he should be on the list.

Jaylen Waddle should make the top 100 this year as well but I don't see him as a top 50 either...not yet. Waddle had an excellent season that statistically may have not been at the top but was near the top for most of the year despite the existence of Tyreek Hill.

Jalen Ramsey will make it this year because he is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. He has been on the list before and that shouldn't change now that he is with Miami. In fact, he could crack the top 50 and that won't be a surprise if he does.

Xavien Howard also should make the top 100 but if we are being honest, his 2022 season was not worthy of a Pro Bowl selection so if he falls off the top 100 list we will now that it too isn't completey unexpected. Still, we are talking 100 players and there is no reason for Howard's talent not be listed on that list. If we consider the previous season and injuries, then many of the players over the years wouldn't be on it.

Terron Armstead is considered one of the best left tackles in the NFL and health is the only reason he isn't considered a top five tackle but on a list of the best in the league, yes, Armstead should be on it.

Tua Tagovailoa at one point led the NFL in key statistical categories and there was a period where he was actually drawing MVP talk before the concussion issues. Will the concussions keep him off the list? They very well could but if a player like Lamar Jackson is on it after missing time last season, Tua shouldn't be left off because he missed time as well...especially when the NFL kept him off the field and in the protocol.

In a perfect world those 7 Miami Dolphins would be on the top 100 list but these few players are not there just yet but could be on the 2024 list next season. It just is too early for them this year.

Jaelan Phillips is starting to turn heads but until he posts double-digit sack numbers that start to rival the season leaders, he won't make the national list with the lack of attention. Players outside of Miami know who he is but he has to show a little more on the field.

Jevon Holland is on a collision course to greatness but he isn't there yet and this year could be the year he takes that next step forward and with it, a top 100 designation.

Bradley Chubb made a name for himself in Denver but is it enough to get him into the top 100 players after he came to Miami and didn't show as well? Probably not this year but he is a darkhorse given his past.