How to watch Zach Thomas get inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame today

In about 45 minutes, Zach Thomas will take his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and you don't have to be there to actually get to watch it!
Miami Dolphins v New York Giants
Miami Dolphins v New York Giants / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

At 12:00 PM, the HoF will kick off their Saturday activities with the new inductions to the Canton shrine. Zach Thomas will be a part of it...finally.

For many of us, the trip to Canton wasn't possible this year. Personally, I have seen Dan Marino and Jason Taylor but today, I will miss the Thomas induction and it pains me to not be there.

Over the last couple of days, huge crowds of Dolphins faithful have stormed through Cleveland, Akron, and Canton. So much so that one representative of the HOF quipped that Miami fans have become what they consider "fans that travel". Indeed, they do.

The Dolphins are very well represented at the HOF and today, you can watch the proceedings. Thomas will be the first one presented.

To watch, you will need to have access to ESPN or NFL Network and a free trial to the subscription service will do you good. Cancel when the ceremonies are over.

On Friday, Orlando Alzugaray, Jr., from The Big "O" Show in South Florida, organized a group singing of the Dolphins fight son in the middle of the Hall Of Fame bust room in front of Don Shula's bust. A large group of fans showed up to sing the Dolphins anthem!

Dolphins fans have taken over local bars and restaurants as well. At Don Shula's restaurant, a group of Dolphins fans met earlier this week on Thursday for dinner.

To say that the Dolphins fans are supporting their LB is beyond an understatement. Miami fans lobbied the HOF for years to get Zach Thomas into the HOF and it has finally come to fruition! Congratulations Zach Thomas and thank you to all the fans that showed up to support him from those of us who couldn't!