How will Patrick Paul fit in with the Miami Dolphins in 2024?

Sep 10, 2022; Lubbock, Texas, USA;  Houston Cougars offensive lineman Patrick Paul (76) prepares to
Sep 10, 2022; Lubbock, Texas, USA; Houston Cougars offensive lineman Patrick Paul (76) prepares to / Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night, the Miami Dolphins drafted offensive tackle, Patrick Paul from Houston. How will he fit in with the 2024 roster?

Yes, the consensus from the media is that the Dolphins reached for Paul, a player they spent a lot of time getting to know since the Senior Bowl. Chris Grier told the media the Dolphins had him ranked as the top player on their draft board when he was selected.

There are some who see Paul as an option at guard. There are others who do not see that as a possibility. The decision on Paul's ability to play inside will be up to coach Butch Barry.

In 2024, assuming that Paul doesn't make the switch inside, Paul will ride the bench but anyone expecting him to stay there would be wrong. The Dolphins know that Terron Armstead is not reliable when it comes to playing an entire season. Enter Patrick Paul.

Paul should get plenty of playing time in 2024 coming off the bench for Armstead. It's a win-win situation for Miami. If Armstead, by some miracle of science, plays the entire year, the Dolphins win; if he doesn't, they have a suitable option to take over.

The drafting of Paul may not be universally applauded. I wasn't overly thrilled with the selection when it was made, but Chris Grier, if nothing else, was proactive on Friday night. Grier recognized that Armstead was in his final year in the NFL, and Grier just made sure the Dolphins replacement was on the roster. The Dolphins' replacement will have a year to play with and learn from one of the best in the league.

As the dust settles, it makes sense for Miami to take this shot. Many fans believed the Dolphins would draft a player who could play guard this year and move to tackle the following year, but instead, Miami made sure the LT spot was in good shape moving forward.

Patrick Paul's 2024 season will be a mix of learning and getting valuable playing time when Armstead is out. Paul will start the preseason games and get the bulk of practice work throughout training camp and the season, while Armstead gets the rest he needs.

2024 is a learning season for Paul, no matter how you look at it, and Chris Grier may have actually made the right decision despite the fact Paul won't be penciled in to start from day one.