I just thought of a really good comp for Devon Achane and it's Napoleon...

Nov 26, 2022; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies running back Devon Achane (6) in
Nov 26, 2022; College Station, Texas, USA; Texas A&M Aggies running back Devon Achane (6) in / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like that First Take/Get Up style tease? Personally, I think it would do well but let's not act get ahead of ourselves and think that it's anywhere near a Greenberg tease. I'll never be in that stratosphere of leaving folks wanting more.

This is about a really good, at least to me, player comp that I thought of for newly drafted running back, Devon Achane. Usually, I'm not about player comps because most of the ones we see on draft day are wildly unrealistic and played out.

But this comp for Devon Achane, I feel, is pretty on-point. And no I'm not talking about that other Napoleon who did those dastardly deeds where the future #1 pick in the NBA resides all those years ago. I understand that Devon Achane isn't the tallest guy going but as a fellow really down to Earth fell like I am, I would never be so shallow. Remember, there are other Napoleons out there.

The Napoleon that I think is a solid comp for Achane is Napoleon Kaufman of course. Some of you reading this may be saying "Whoa, I haven't thought about Napoleon Kaufman in deacdes." Others may be like "Who the hell is Napoleon Kaufman?" Well, let me give you a brief rundown.

Napoleon Kaufman was a 1st round running back for the Oakland Raiders out of Washington back in 1995. Kaufman hit the scene and the guy hit it running. He hit it running really fast.
For his career, Kaufman only had 4,792 yards rushing and was an excellent return guy but he only played 6 seasons before becoming a minister.

The thing about Napoleon Kaufman and why I'm equating his game to Acahne's is that he was the ultimate "homerun" threat who also possessed terrific balance. He wasn't a guy who went down with only an arm tackle. He could absorb punishment and still keep his feet.

It always seemed like his stat line was 5 carries for 77 yards with a 30-yard TD in there. I always thought that he should have gotten the ball more but he was only 185 LBs which is the same weight as Achane. Especially back then when running backs took even more of a pounding, it makes sense that he only got a few touches a game.

He averaged 4.9 yards per carry so he made the most of what he got. I think that's how Achane will have to approach every touch he gets it. I realize I'm not breaking any ground with that but at the start of the season at least, I wouldn't expect him to get somewhere around 3-5 touches a game. Naturally, that may change for a litany of reasons as the season goes forward.

The billing on Devon Achane is that he can take any carry or touch to the house due to his 4.3 speed. With the amount of speed that is already on offense and the spacing that can create, Achane has a real chance to find some creases that aren't always there for other running backs on other offenses. I expect Mike McDaniel to be sitting poolside this Summer with a mojito scheming up ways that he can get Achane coming off a reverse from Tyreek Hill while Jaylen Waddle is sprinting downfield to potentially catch a pass. The possibilities are endless.

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