If the Dolphins wanted to move on from Tua Tagovailoa, there are not many options

With the season now officially over for the Miami Dolphins, they will now have to reflect on their performance, and that should start with looking at the most important position - quarterback.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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If the Miami Dolphins don't want to retain Tua Tagovailoa, they could look to the trade market.

Unfortunately, this offseason, there are no flashy quarterbacks available.  Last offseason there was hype around Lamar Jackson, and Aaron Rodgers.  Quarterbacks are hard to find, and looking around the league, you can see that there are not many on the market worth trading for.

AFC East - No one worth considering

AFC  West - Russell Wilson contract is untradable and based on his play, makes no sense

AFC North - no one available

AFC South - no one worth considering

NFC East - is Dak an option? Cowboys are not going to through a rebuild and no thank you for Daniel Jones

NFC West- Kyler Murray is a faster Tua, but with no dedication to his playbook

NFC South - no one worth considering

NFC North - Chicago has an interesting problem

By process of elimination, there is technically only one option to potentially explore and that is with the Chicago Bears.  The Bears drafted Justin Fields 11th overall in the 2021 draft.  The interesting problem at hand is that the Bears hold the 1st overall selection based on their trade last year with Carolina.

Justin Fields
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / John Fisher/GettyImages

If the Bears decide to select a quarterback with the 1st overall selection, then Fields would be on the market for a team looking for a solution.  

Would Miami be interested - you have to be.  First of all, Fields is a cold weather quarterback - playing in Ohio for university and professional football in the windy city of Chicago.  Unlike Tua, you don’t have to worry about Fields adapting or playing in the cold.  

Fields is a definition of a dual threat quarterback, something that Miami has never had. (Pat White does not count).  Imagine Mike McDaniel playbook options with Fields - this would add the dimension of bootleg options that couldn’t be considered with Tua.

It’s an exciting option.  Contract wise, Fields is still on his rookie contract for this upcoming season.  Additionally, since he was a 1st round pick, the Dolphins could pick up his 5th year option and have him in a controlled state for the next two years.

What a trade would look like - it’s dependent on what the Bears decide.  If the Bears are focused on adding a quarterback with the 1st overall pick, then I believe Fields for Tua swap makes sense.  The Bears can get a veteran quarterback that can help groom a young prospect and the Dolphins are able to get a young exciting prospect that can grow in the development with Mike McDaniel.