If the Miami Dolphins were fine with their RB room they wouldn't have a contract waiting for Dalvin Cook

The Miami Dolphins may want everyone to think they are fine with their group of running backs but in reality, that isn't the case. Not if they have an offer for Dalvin Cook on the table.

Jan 15, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (4) gets
Jan 15, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook (4) gets / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Dalvin Cook may yet become a member of the Miami Dolphins but if you are one of those that are buying into Chris Grier just looking to add cheap talent then you might be wrong.

If the Miami Dolphins do in fact have an offer on the table for Dalvin Cook, they can say what they want about how much they like their RB room. It's all a lie. Cook would make Miami's running back room better but let's not pretend that Grier and Mike McDaniel don't realize that same exact thing.

Raheem Mostert is good and Jeff Wilson is as well but neither are great. DeVone Achane very well develop into a great NFL running back but he is a rookie. Salvon Ahmed and Myles Gaskin? Serviceable but also expendable.

The Dolphins want everyone to agree that they will have Cook at their own price or not at all and are perfectly o.k. with going into the season without him and with what they have but are they if they are flirting with someone else?

It's like an engagement. Yes, I will commit to you but until we tie the knot, I have another offer on the table and if she takes it, well...we will see how the two of you stack up. I'll be o.k. with you but she just might have more to offer...if she isn't going to be too expensive.

The analogy may be lost on some and ridiculous to others. Trying to get your football team better makes a lot of sense but many believe that the Dolphins offer is the best Cook has right now and chances are he would be willing to come off his own demands to accept an offer from Miami if they moved the needle a little more north. So far, that hasn't happened.

Why? If the Dolphins view Cook as a value runner than can make the team better, why not up the offer? There is money to be found and quite easily if they want. The reality? Chris Grier doesn't budge from his value chart and because of that, who knows, maybe Miami isn't going all-in this year as many believe.

Are the Dolphins confident in their running back room as it stands today? They are not unhappy with it if that makes sense. Does Cook improve the RB room? Absolutely. Will he get Miami closer to a championship? Maybe.

The bigger question is will Dalvin Cook win Miami Dolphins another football game? Or two? Will he be the difference between a loss and a win in a close game? The answer to that last one is yes. If the Dolphins need to run out the clock and hold a close lead, Cook is probably an option that can do that and if so, that is the difference between one win or one loss.

Miami has a decision to make but more importantly, Cook has a decision to make. Accept an offer that he feels is too low or sign somewhere else. For Grier it's a matter of pulling himself off the bar he has set and make his offer a little more enticing. The fact they may have an offer out at all is enough to say, "Yeah, we see this as improving our football team" and as such, they should be making more of an effort to lock him down.

Of course this all could just be a result of Cooks' agent trying to drum up interest in his client and maybe the Dolphins don't have anything on the table at all.