Ja'Tavion Sanders says he would love to play for the Miami Dolphins after meeting with Mike McDaniel

Ja'Tavion Sanders tell reporters he would love to play for the Miami Dolphins.
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It's no secret that the Miami Dolphins need a facelift at the tight end position. Well, one of the best tight ends in the draft not only met with Mike McDaniel but if you could believe it, would love to play for the Miami Dolphins. His name is Ja'Tavion Sanders.

Who is Ja'Tavion Sanders? He's pretty much looked at as the consensus #2 tight end coming out of college. He played at Texas and he put up 45 catches for 682 yards and two TDs. He's a solidish blocker who yes has room to improve there.

Sanders is meeting with a slew of other teams while he spends his time wowing folks at the NFL Combine. But when he says he would love to play for the Miami Dolphins, I don't why but I believe him.

If that isn't convincing enough for you, I don't know would ever convince you that Ja'Tavion Sanders would love to play for the Miami Dolphins.

If you look up his 40 times you'll find a few entries on the internet. The one I see the most is 4.55 seconds. Sure, the 40 isn't at all an end all be all when it comes to predicting a player's future but 4.55 is pretty good. Maybe he'll even run a better time in Indianapolis.

Ja'Tavion Sanders is currently being mostly mocked somewhere early in the second round. Would I be shocked if teams grab him in the final third of the draft? Not at all. After the success of Sam LaPorta, I can easily see teams thinking they can do the same thing with Sanders in the first round.

Currently, the Dolphins have the 55th pick in the 2nd round. I definitely think if the Dolphins want Ja'Tavion Sanders in the 2nd round, they would have to trade up.

Tight end is a position that the Miami Dolphins need to upgrade. There are some free agents that I wrote about here that I think Grier and the gang should research. But addressing the position in the draft is also a good option and Sanders can be that evolution of that position that Mike McDaniel told Greg Olson that was the next progression for his offense.

Durham Smythe did alright being one of the guys Tua would look past as he sent a ball to Tyreek Hill. And he blocked decently as well. But Miami needs more of a pass-catching threat to open the offense so that Hill and Jaylen Waddle can get even more open especially when things count even more late in the year.

There are other tight ends in the draft that would upgrade the tight end position for the Miami Dolphins. But Ja'Tavion Sanders, whose name is really cool to say, is a guy who needs to be figured out by the team because he can be an instant difference-maker.

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