Jackson Powers-Johnson should be the Miami Dolphins mission at the Senior Bowl

The Miami Dolphins need to be all in on tryign to draft Jackson Powers-Johnson.
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington
2023 Pac-12 Championship - Oregon v Washington / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Senior Bowl is Saturday and some of the best players in the upcoming draft will be showcasing what they got and some will be introducing themselves to everyone for the first time. One of those guys is a center from Oregon named Jackson Powers-Johnson and he should be high on the list for the Miami Dolphins in terms of who to draft in April.

It's no secret that the Miami Dolphins have a gaping hole at the center position this upcoming season. They had a very good player in Connor Williams who unfortunately got hurt for the year in that blasted Tennessee game. Williams tore his ACL and there is no telling when he will be ready to return to the field.

On top of that, he is a free agent who will be looking for big money even with the injury. Personally, I don't think he will be a guy the Miami Dolphins, who are currently over the cap by $51M, will look to give a ton of money to.

I also want zero part of Liam Eichenberg being given any chance to take the starting center job next year.

Enter Oregon center Jackson Powers-Johnson. Besides having one of the coolest names that will certainly enlist hilarious jokes on many levels, Powers-Johnson is on most lists as the #1 ranked center and is currently slated to go around the middle of the second round.

Based on how he has performed at the Senior Bowl practices, I think his draft stock has only started to climb. According to searching Powers-Johnson's name on Twitter or X, everyone is saying his draft stock is somewhere around the beginning of the second round and possibly even in the backend of the first round. I realize this isn't very scientific but it's the NFL draft, none of this is that empirically reviewed.

Sign me up for all of what Jackson Powers-Johnson brings to the table. He should be checking a ton of boxes for the Miami Dolphins. He's young, he will be cheap, and he will be a plug-in-play starting center from day one and will hold down that position for many years.

We saw what happened when Connor Williams went down. It was as if the entire offense took a back seat and they simply didn't perform well at all after this.

But what about fit? Can Jackson Powers-Johnson fit in Mike McDaniel's outside zone system? Thanks to @DeSenaSports a young up-and-coming player analyst who loves the Maimi Dolphins and who actually attends the senior bowl who you should be following, we got our answer on that.

I am not the first to be all over wanting Jackson Powers-Johnson this week. I'm sure there are other Dolphin's publication that are breaking down this guy sinks his hips and if he ever stands up in his stance. Good on them. But after I heard this answer, I am convinced he needs to bein South Beach.

I've heard enough, Chris Grier. Jackson Powers-Johnson needs to be on the Miami Dolphins. I know you want to do the dumb thing and draft another project cornerback or pass-rusher who has shown some flashes of being a great athlete but how about we do the obvious smart thing for a change and draft a center that you know can't miss? That seems like the way to go but that's just me.

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