Jauan Jennings is the hot topic WR rumor that is circling the Miami Dolphins

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The Miami Dolphins could be making a move for a WR.

There has been talk of Michael Thomas potentially being a free-agent target. Brandon Aiyuk of the 49ers is also a name that has been floated but he is rather expensive in terms of compensation. Some believe the Dolphins could be making a move for Tee Higgins.

Another name that has been getting attention lately is Jauan Jennings of the 49ers.

The Dolphins would have to trade for Jennings and some are thinking that the Dolphins would give up their 2nd round pick, number 55 to make that move. To be clear, I have yet to find anything from anyone that suggests that is what it would take to get him or whether the Dolphins have even discussed that draft pick at all.

At this time of year, fans speculate about a lot of things but there is a potential fit with Miami if the compensation with both the contract and the trade would work for the Dolphins. Then again, would anyone really be surprised if the Dolphins made a move and gave up too much? Actually, they should. Chris Grier may not be perfect at his job but he tends to find value in trades and the 55 pick is way too high.

The Dolphins do not have a 3rd round pick as it was stripped by the NFL for the tampering by Stephen Ross with Tom Brady. They do not have a 4th round pick this year as part of the Bradley Chubb trade.

Jennings has been in the NFL for three seasons now, all with San Francisco. He was drafted in the 7th round and his production on the field has been average. He has 7 starts in three seasons and 963 yards total on 78 receptions. He has been targeted 127 times. He has 7 touchdowns.

Jennings, again, might be a fantastic 3rd WR option if the Dolphins could get him but the price can not be for a 2nd round pick. Jennings has a lot of upside but not that much.