Jaylen Waddle and the Dolphins reportedly agree to massive 3-year extension

Waddle is now one of the top five highest-paid WRs in the NFL
Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins
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Finally, the Miami Dolphins gave a massive extension to one of their homegrown players and it wasn't Tua Tagovailoa. It was Jaylen Waddle and let me tell you this guy most definitely deserved it. So, how much is Waddle getting with his new contract?

Per Adam Schefter, it's a three-year extension worth $84.75 million,with $76 million guaranteed. Yes, it's a ton of money, but it was also expected. It makes him one of the top five highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL.

Jaylen Waddle and the Dolphins finally got a huge extension done

Waddle, in his first three seasons, has put up more than 1,000 yards receiving in each year. That makes him the only Dolphins player to ever do that. Sure, you can look to things bending towards passing offenses and the added game. However, you can't say that Waddle is just some decent receiver. He is much more than that.

Waddle is a receiver who possesses next-level speed compared to most players in the NFL. Not only that, but Waddle also gets obliterated about once a game and typically always returns to that game. His toughness level should be rated at a 99.

You have to love that the Dolphins signed one of their homegrown players too. That's something that we saw this offseason happen a lot, which is something that can't be the norm. Most of us thoughtTua Tagovailoa was going to get his deal done before Waddle, but maybe this extension will cause a cascading amount of extension for the Dolphins. Maybe this means Tua and even Jevon Holland will be granted their long-term deals soon. We shall wait and see about those.

This breaking news is about Waddle, though, and what he means to the Miami Dolphins. Since Waddle got here, it seems that he is near the top of the list of fan favorites who have a chance of being a guy who could be here for the absolute majority of his career.

From making terrific plays to creating the best endzone celebration since the Icky Shuffle, Waddle has done everything he can to be considered a Dolphin for life.