Jaylen Waddle injury highlights Miami Dolphins bad first half against Philadelphia

Jaylen Waddle is not likely going to play again tonight after suffering a back injury in the first half of the Dolphins and Eagles game.
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Waddle injury is a microcosm of the Miami Dolphins first half that sees them down to the Eagles 17-10.

Update: Waddle looks to be ready to play.

Miami's defense isn't playing horrible but they have given up some big plays, thanks to some really poor calls by the referees that have entirely gone the way of the Eagles. Miami's offense has struggled most of the game but a late half touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill has made it a close game.

Miami scored a touchdown on the 2nd drive following a Jalen Hurts fumble but Miami was called for holding and the Dolphins settled for a field goal instead.

The Waddle injury isn't good news for Miami who has struggled to get receivers open and with him out of the game, not officially, the Eagles secondary can play a little softer. Miami has not been able to run the ball at all so far in the first half and that is something that will need to change in the 2nd if the Dolphins are going to climb back on top.

Defensively, Miami has managed to get pressure on Jalen Hurts and have sacked him twice and forced a fumble but it's the plays they get pressure on and don't take him down that hurts Miami's defense the most.

The game so far is a knockout fist fight and the Eagles are winning but there is a lot of game left and the Dolphins offense is starting to settle down.

Miami's offensive line is a mess with Isaiah Wynn also out with a leg injury. In his place, Lester Cotton has been playing and he has been inconsistent against a very powerful and quick defensive front. The Eagles have one sack on the night but have kept the Dolphins' running game grounded. That has made it easier to protect against the pass.

The Dolphins will get the ball back to start the second half.