Jaylen Waddle steps up as the Miami Dolphins prove they can function without Tyreek Hill.

We learned a few things from the Miami Dolphins pounding of the New York Jets.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins defense took last week personally.

I think coming out of the Titans game, that the Miami Dolphins were feeling pretty upset about how they performed in the final four minutes of the game. I'm no Dr. Phil or anything like that but I imagine that the guys on that side of the ball may have felt a bit responsible for allowing Will Levis to go up and down the field on them, twice. Just a hunch I had.

This week, the defense made the collective effort that they were going to punish Zach Wilson and the feeble Jets' offense. From the first series of the game, the defensive front for Miami made it their mantra that they were not going to fall for any boot-action, that Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook would provide nothing positive, and that they were going to be in the backfield whenever they wanted to be there.

Led by Bradley Chubb, who had a casual three sacks, the defensive front of the Dolphins laid waste to any plan the Jets thought they had. I think the Jets only had like five yards at halftime. It was a really low number.

That's what defenses with this caliber of personnel, even without Jevon Holland and Xavien Howard out there, should be doing to fools like the Jets.

We know who we play this week on Christmas Eve. Yes, the Cowboys look like they got neutered by the Bills, but they are a much better offense than the Jets and they're still playing for playoff seeding. It's going to take a disciplined effort by the Dolphins to keep their playmakers at bay. I like the Dolphins chances.