Jaylen Waddle steps up as the Miami Dolphins prove they can function without Tyreek Hill.

We learned a few things from the Miami Dolphins pounding of the New York Jets.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins can function without Tyreek Hill.

I'm not saying I want to see many more games without Tyreek Hill out there, but it's nice to see that if he is going to miss a game, Mike McDaniel can formulate a game plan that produces.

Again, it was the Jets and they wanted zero part of being competitive after the Dolphin's defense let them know, instantly, that today wasn't their day.

The continuous running of Moster and Acahne, though not wildly successful was enough to let Tua drop back comfortably and find receivers. Kudos to the offensive line for keeping Tua mostly clean.

Jaylen Waddle stepped up and assumed the role of Tyreek Hill. He doesn't have that instant burst of speed that Hill has but once Waddle gets going he's one of the fastest most electric players in the league. He needs to be a bigger part of the offense going forward. That has to happen.

Mike McDaniel devised a solid game plan this week and he got everyone focused to play. I was very interested to see how, after coming off that bad loss against the Titans, how everyone would respond. Everyone responded as well as you can ask for.

Now the real season starts for the Miami Dolphins. Every game from here on out will have playoff vibes to it. Everything the Dolphins wanted at the beginning of the season is out there for taking. Dealing with adversity when it comes is what will define this team going forward. It's good to enter this stretch with a smooth win that highlights exactly what this team can accomplish. Should be a ton of fun mixed in with heartbreak. Hopefully not too much of the latter.

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