Jim Harbaugh gets the one thing Chris Grier doesn't understand

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Jim Harbaugh is back in the NFL and at the owner's meetings in Orlando and he understands the NFL quite differently than Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier.

Speaking to the media, Harbaugh talked about the one position that Grier can't comprehend. He understands that in the NFL, the offensive line is important.

Harbaugh said that the offensive line is the key to everything. He is 100% correct. It isn't enough to have a unit that is simply good enough, they have to be better than that. Harbaugh says the offensive line is the one position that every other unit relies upon.

For the passing game to work, you need blocking up front so the QB has time. Need the running game to work, you need an offensive line to open holes. Give it a listen.

Some teams understand this concept and their focal point is building an offensive line that allows the skill positions to do their jobs. In Miami, Chris Grier seems to believe that his line only needs to be good enough. Miami's line was better last year, we can thank Butch Barry for that.

The fact that Grier's attempts to fix the line have come up short we have to wonder why. Terron Armstead was the best available player in free agency when the Dolphins signed him but why was that a need to begin with? He traded away Laremy Tunsil for a bunch of draft picks that turned into more draft picks and not one time did Grier use a single pick to draft a replacement.

Instead, Grier overspent on a great left tackle, when he is healthy. At right tackle, it took three years for Austin Jackson to put in a good season. That was enough to get him an extension but there are still questions. Robert Hunt is gone and the Dolphins so far have not made an attempt to replace him either.

The draft could and absolutely should play into this. What Grier can't do is wait until the mid-rounds of the draft and then hope he can find a developmental player who will be cheap. Grier got lucky with Hunt but couldn't retain him.

Since 2016, have you been impressed with Grier's offensive line draft picks?

  • 2016 - Laremy Tunsil - traded
  • 2017 - Isaac Asiata - 5th round - Guard - lasted one year
  • 2018 - No offensive linemen drafted
  • 2019 - Michael Dieter - 3rd round - average at best center/guard with the Dolphins
  • 2019 - Isaiah Prince - 6th round - tackle - lasted one year
  • 2020 - Austin Jackson - 1st round - RT - extended
  • 2020 - Robert Hunt - 2nd round - Guard - left via FA
  • 2020 - Solomon Kindley - 4th round - guard - lasted one season
  • 2021 - Liam Eichenberg - 2nd round (traded up for him) - guard/center - still waiting for him to develop
  • 2021 - Larnel Coleman - 7th round - lasted one season
  • 2022 - no offensive linemen drafted
  • 2023 - Ryan Hayes - 7th round - practice squad

Grier has added Armstead and Connor Williams in free agency and this year he added Aaron Brewer but he is also relying on Isaiah Wynn to stay healthy on yet another one-year deal.

Meanwhile, other teams continue to build offensive lines that can mask some of the offensive issues. In Miami, Grier's assembly of a quality oline is debatable and that is unnerving as this has been an ongoing problem for the Dolphins for almost a decade.

Continuity, physicality, and athleticism all play a part in making an offensive line better than average and the Dolphins are not there yet. Grier should listen to what Harbaugh is saying because it makes a lot of sense.