Joe Montana ends debate on greatest QB of all-time naming Dan Marino and new commercial has Marino un-retiring

Dan Marino has been featured in a brand new Lays potato chip commercial and now is being called out by one of the greatest QBs in history as being the greatest QB in history.

Bills DE Bruce Smith rushes Miami quarterback Dan Marino on Oct. 9, 1994.

Miami Dolphins Dan Marino
Bills DE Bruce Smith rushes Miami quarterback Dan Marino on Oct. 9, 1994. Miami Dolphins Dan Marino / Jamie Germano, Yes-GRN, Rochester

The NFL gridiron has seen some of the greatest players in NFL history take to the field. Our featured article image is interesting because you can see the determination on HOF DE Bruce Smith's face as he tries to get to one of his greatest nemise's. Dan Marino.

Smith rarely got to touch Marino, his release was quick but Richmond Webb was phenomenal protecting his blind side.

Over they years, Miami Dolphins fans have argued that Dan Marino is the GOAT, not 7-time Super Bowl winner and notorious phone smasher Tom Brady. Now, Dolphins fans have another Super Bowl winning QB that is backing them up. Joe Montana.

Montana recently spoke with Men's Health magazine and said that if Marino were playing in today's NFL, he very well could have "done what Brady did, and maybe even better."

""Put Marino into today’s game where he gets free release ... and his receivers, holy cow, weren't very big," Montana said."

Joe Montana vis Men's Health

Montana didn't stop there either. He talked about the size of Miami's receivers and how in today's NFL the WRs are well over 6' tall. He called Marino one of the most "unsung heroes of the game." That is a pretty big endorsement.

Montana calls Marino the BOAT - Best of All Time at his position and you won't get arguments from Miami Dolphins fans or Dan Marino I would assume.

Dan Marino is thinking about un-retiring but changes his mind.

In a new full ad from Lays potato chips, Dan Marino along with Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, and Emmitt Smith are contemplating a return to the game of football!