John Lovett looks to unseat Alec Ingold and make the Miami Dolphins roster

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The uphill climb for John Lovett started in 2022 when he joined the Miami Dolphins but his road to making the 53 man roster was cut short due to injury. He looks to rebound.

John Lovett - Fullback - Entering his 4th NFL season

  • History

John Lovett is entering his 4th NFL season but you wouldn't know that by looking at his statistics. Injuries have derailed his career. Undrafted, Lovett played TE with the Green Bay Packers in 2020 where ran the ball three times from the FB position. He missed 2021 and 2022 injured. He signed with the Dolphins in 2022.

  • Last season

Lovett didn't record a snap after being injured in training camp.

  • Salary situation

League minimum with no guaranteed money.

  • 2023 Preview

The biggest question is can Lovett stay healthy long enough to show enough to the coaches that they consider keeping him around over the more expensive Alec Ingold? So far the answer has been no but with Ingold making more than $3 million and hardly used, Miami could get similar production from a guy that is paid nearly $3 million less.

Miami didn't use Ingold often but Ingold made the plays Miami needed him to make. This brings up a decent question or debate, is six carries and 8 receptions worth a contract over $3 million? If not, then why shouldn't the Dolphins give Lovett a chance to take the position away from Lovett?

The answer is yes, they absolutely should but the problem, again, is simply that Lovett hasn't played since 2020 and there is no guarantee that he can maintain his health. There are too many question surrounding Lovett to think he will take a spot away from Ingold.

Prediction - Lovett will not make the final 53 regardless of health but could be on the teams practice squad.