Jonnu Smith is a savvy signing by the Dolphins Chris Grier

Jonnu Smith has signed with the Miami Dolphins in a move that is a very solid one.

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The Miami Dolphins, who are still very much over the cap, have agreed to a contract with free agent tight end Jonnu Smith.

Jonnu Smith has been signed by the Miami Dolphins on a 2-year contract that could max out at $10 million per reports.

Get used to this kind of move from the Miami Dolphins. I said last week that Chris Grier was going to have to embrace his inner Billy Beane and look for solid players who maybe underachieved in other spots, who were also very cheap.

Well, Jonnu Smith fits the bill. In his last few years in Atlanta, Smith was predictably the #2 tight end behind Kyle Pitts so naturally he wasn't thought of as a big-time option for them. Still, Jonnu Smith had 582 yards on 50 receptions, last year. That's not bad considering there was a who's who of current and future journeymen quarterbacks throwing the pill around in Atlanta last year.

Last year, the Dolphin's leading tight end was Durham Smythe. We all like the game that Smythe brings but he only had 366 yards on 35 catches. Yes, his low number of yards and catches can be attributed to every one of the pass-catchers not named Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle being relegated to buzzards(because they get the scraps) but still, those are low numbers for a starting tight end.

Here's some positive Jonnu Smith run-blocking stats that will really get your engine going.

Jonnu Smith was also a top 5 TE in yards after catch.

Smith will easily be the best tight end on the team and if Mike McDaniel actually wants to utilize the tight end this year, Jonnu Smith will be reliable in that role.

Overall, it's a solid signing for the Miami Dolphins. If I can say that a signing is solid, then I personally feel pretty good about it. Again, I don't think the Dolphins are breaking the bank for many players this offseason that isn't Christian Wilkins. These off-the-beaten-path guys that all teams need are the type of signings that the Miami Dolphins will major in.

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