Jordan Poyer has some Dolphins fans up in arms over 'best QB in the league' comment

Jordan Poyer is making waves after calling this quarterback the best in the NFL
Jan 7, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer (21) celebrates after
Jan 7, 2024; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer (21) celebrates after / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

When an NFL player is asked about other positions and who the best is at those spots, you have to take it for what it is worth. Miami Dolphins safety Jordan Poyer is finding that out now after his most recent comments.

Poyer told a bunch of fans that the best quarterback in the NFL is Buffalo Bills' QB Josh Allen. "Josh Allen is the best quarterback in football." The problem is that Allen isn't the best quarterback in football or the best in the NFL. Everyone knows Tua Tagovailoa is! Okay, I'm kidding. It's Patrick Mahomes, but we need to put this into context.

Jordan Poyer said Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL

Poyer was speaking to a group of Buffalo Bills fans at Micah Hyde's charity softball event, so why would he name anyone else but his former team's quarterback? He shouldn't. Fans have jumped off the deep end until they realize the context of the comment. If Poyer is serious about his claim, that is on him, but it doesn't take much to look at the guy who just came off another Super Bowl MVP season to realize that probably isn't a statement that Poyer will stand behind. And again, if it is. So what?

Some Miami fans have used it as a springboard to criticize Tua's inevitable contract, and others have pointed out that Poyer is with Miami now and should be pumping up his new team's quarterback. This is similar to what Tyreek Hill did when he was traded to the Dolphins, but Hill wasn't talking at a Chiefs charity event, and Poyer wasn't talking at a Dolphins event.

Aside from a few delusional Bills fans who think Poyer is spot on with his assessment, most people have taken the time to point out that Mahomes doesn't play in Buffalo either. In other words, "Nothing to see here, move along." But hey, thank you, Poyer, for giving me something to write about. In the end, he was probably just hyping up the Buffalo fanbase. Some Dolphins fans are calling him out on social media, but come on, no need for that.