Just a friendly reminder don't panic Miami Dolphins fans!

The first preseason game is in the books and 31 core players did not play on Friday night. Most Dolphins fans are very upset with the way the depth looked yesterday but I just wanted to point out some key factors on preseason football in which what the Dolphins front office is looking for.
Aug 11, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA;  Miami Dolphins quarterback Mike White (14) hands off to
Aug 11, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Mike White (14) hands off to / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins hit the lights for the first time in the 2024 season and high expectations were in the air coming in against a hungry Atlanta Falcons team. The first reason for preseason is to get a sneak peak at the draft class talent that was selected a few months earlier in the NFL draft. Top round picks need to show more flash and bigger play ability to live up to expectations. Early on it looks like our top picks show promise and flash. The mid and later round picks need to show quality play and hunger to learn the playbook and be ready for anything when the opportunity arises. Undrafted rookies are fun to see play for a final roster spot and these guys typically standout early and finish strong. These players are typically ones the front office is watching a little closer to make sure they don't release a gem in the rough.

New staff personnel is something that most NFL teams change ever off season. The Miami Dolphins made several changes this off-season and it might take a few weeks for the juice to start flowing. This can be a typical reason why either players are not quite at season ready form. Like starting with a new supervisor or team sometimes it can take a few weeks. Showing these coaches and front office personnel you are fitting in even with the a few of the same faces both can sometimes cause a bit of a challege. Week 1 this team should have a core group that stands out with some rookies who will be deep in rotation.

Often during preseason the coaching staff is looking for leadership within in the locker room each week leading up to the season. While it is expected for NFL vets to have these qualities sometimes rookies and younger players can make a mark in a locker room. These are traits that the GM and scouts look for during the draft process. While it has become more common for the players to select team captains the same will apply. During preseason players are getting used to each other and this means that the core group has new players from the draft and free agency. Remember communication and leadership on the field does take time but the few always standout more than others.

Lastly, dont panic of lack of success during preseason. It is a time where the playbook is only used at about 25%, roster spots and depth are filled and leaders are identified. A scout from the Seattle Seahawks once told me, " The preseason is a time for learning and adjustment for everyone in building. You win some and lose some but you find the best players ready for the season during those weeks". With that being said look through the eyes of finding depth and how the rookie class fits in with the locker room. Are the free agent pick ups living up to the talent? Just observe next weeks game and see what players standout.